Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) - summer communication internship

eligible for academic credit, up to 6 credits
April 27, 2017

ADVANCED ENERGY ECONOMY (AEE) is a national association of business leaders who are making the global energy system more secure, clean, and affordable. Advanced energy encompasses a broad range of products and services that constitute the best available technologies for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. Among these are energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, natural gas electric generation, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, electric vehicles, biofuels and smart grid. It's all the innovations that make the energy we use more secure, clean, and affordable.

AEE's vision is of a prosperous world that runs on secure, clean, affordable energy.

Our mission is transforming public policy to enable rapid growth of advanced energy companies.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and any additional materials requested above to:

[email protected]

*eligible for academic credit, up to 6 credits