EEMI Conducts Advisory Board Meeting

Prof. Deason, Dean Lach, Dr. Abron & Prof. Cascio
Prof. Deason, Dean Lach, Dr. Abron & Prof. Cascio
February 05, 2020
On January 17, 2020, EEMI Co-Directors Joe Cascio and Jonathan Deason, along with EEMI Program Directors Scott Sklar, Dr. Jigar Shah, Dr. Ed Saltzberg, Dr. Victoria Lawrence and Dr. Rachael Jonassen, led a meeting of the SEAS Environmental and Energy Management Institute Advisory Board. EEM Doctoral candidate Seth Barna attended the event.
At the meeting, three novel EEMI undertakings were presented and discussed. The first of these was our recent proposal to lead specific GW research initiatives on de-carbonization through the application of 4th industrial revolution technologies such as artificial intelligence, transport de-carbonization, nanotechnology, and the internet of things.

Next, current efforts to recast and promote the EEMI profile to heighten its recognition as a center for the advancement of 21st century environmental and energy governance through the application of a consensus, private sector standards were discussed.

Finally, the development of an online professional education program under the leadership of EEMI Director of Professional Education Dr. Edward Saltzberg was discussed. This program offers short courses to working professionals to acquire non-degree credentials in areas such as electrification, corporate system resilience, and expertise on the geopolitics of resources. Our planning and execution of these initiatives is already under way.


SEAS Dean Board Members EV Discussion
SEAS Dean John Lach presents his vision
to the School to Board members
Board members discuss issues
EEMI Professional Education Director Dr. Ed Saltzberg led a discussion of our successful professional short course program
The meeting included lively and meaningful discussions among participants on actionable suggestions to help advance the EEMI profile and its engagement with both governmental and non-governmental organizations. These included:
  • Potential opportunities with DC government agencies such as DOEE and PSCDC MEDSIS (Public Service Commission’s project: Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability) that is calling for ideas on technologies and policies to achieve DC’s goals.
  • Connection with officials at MCSC Global which is working on developing a smart technology industrial center in Meishan, California, as well as The Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) as a potential collaborator on standards and codes.
  • Arrangement of a meeting with officials in the DC Department of Energy and environment (DOEE).
  • Connection with the DC Council of Governments.
  • A new initiative involving collaboration between EEMI and Frostburg University on an Appalachian development program.
  • A discussion of a novel concrete manufacturing technology using captured CO2.   
During the meeting SEAS Dean John Lach presented a Distinguished Service Award to EEMI Board member Dr. Lilia Abron, P.E. Dr. Abron is the President and CEO of PEER Consultants, an East Coast environmental consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC. She was honored for her extensive support of the EEMI and assistance to SEAS students, having hired more than a half-dozen SEAS graduates over the past few years. 
All members of the EEMI Advisory Aboard can be seen at