EEMI Hosts Climate Training for Federal Judges

scott sklar
January 01, 2023

On August 29, 2022, the GW EEMI, in conjunction with the Environmental Law Institute, hosted a half-day seminar for federal judges in the Lehman Auditorium of the Science and Engineering Hall.

The seminar, entitled “Seminar on Climate Science and the Energy Transition in Climate Litigation,” was the latest version of the multi-year Climate Judiciary Project in which EEMI and the ELI are cooperating. The objective of the program is to provide neutral, objective information to the judiciary about climate science and law. This is especially important today because of the exponential increase our nation is experiencing in terms of climate-related litigation at all levels.

The event was kicked off by SEAS Dean John Lach, who explained the rationale behind the program, emphasized the growing strength of the SEAS-Law School Paul Hanle partnership, and welcomed our Federal judiciary colleagues to the session. Paul Hanle, President and CEO of Climate Central, moderated the session.

Randall Abate

After Dean Lach’s opening, Law School Associate Dean for Environmental Law Randall Abate made a presentation on “Trends in Climate Litigation,” followed by EEMI Director of Climate Change Dr. Rachael Jonassen, who spoke on the “Basics of Climate Change Science.”

The next speaker was the Director of the EEMI’s Solar Institute, Prof. Scott Sklar, who painted a picture of the “Green Energy Transition” that is underway in the United States. Finally, Law School Associate Dean for Energy Law Donna Attanasio wrapped up the seminar with a prresentioan and discussion session on “Energy Policy, Legislation, and Litigation Trends