EEMI Hosts Extravaganza Event on Energy and Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Campuses


On February 24, 2017, the Environmental and Energy Management Institute hosted the 3rd annual Energy and Sustainability Extravaganza with Leaders in Energy (LE) and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).   The theme of this year’s event was “Energy and Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Campuses.”




The event was a terrific success in terms of its speakers, sponsors, logistics, publicity, attendance, and a wonderful networking reception.   This major event consisted of three parts:

·       A Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership luncheon discussion on “Career Perspectives in Sustainable Solutions”

·       Leaders in Energy “Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Campuses” Showcase

·       Networking Reception – catered by the Purple Onion and hosted by GW with Green Drinks DC as a partner 

More than people participated in the CWEEL event and over 100 people attended the Showcase, with an additional 50 for the Reception. 

SEAS Dean David S. Dolling attended the Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) lunch and panel discussion and then wove the theme of those events into his welcoming remarks at the Showcase.   Prof. Joe Cascio also made welcoming comments at the CWEEL lunch and introduced Dr. Dolling at the Showcase and Prof. Scott Sklar at the reception.   EEM graduate and Adjunct Professor Dr. Elvin Yuzugullu served having as one of the CWEEL panelists.  

Meghan Chapple, Director of GW’s Office of Sustainability spoke on the University panel and Andy Ludwig helped with the various logistics for the event. Dr. Teresa Pohlman, another EEM graduate and Adjunct Professor, presented at the “Town Hall” session, which was very lively and made a great contribution to our afternoon session.  In addition, EEM Adjunct Professor Scott Sklar gave a rousing and inspiring talk on the progress being made in renewable energy.

EEMI Affiliate Tony Mariano played an instrumental and tireless role in helping us to successfully recruit a number of our key sponsors in addition to attendees and EEM grad student Dor Hirsh Bar Gai was instrumental in arranging much of the logistics for the event and I was pleased that John Lord (AEE) made a shout out to recognize Dor at the CWEEL lunch.  EEM grad student Melis Lambrix and EEM grad Carolina Pena served as Welcoming Ambassadors at the registration desk. EEM grad student Seth Barna was active in posting the event on social media to get out the word on.

Sponsors of the event included Carrier, DC Sustainable Energy Utility, Industrial Ecosystem, Johnson Controls, MeteoViva, Nissan LEAF EV, SolGreen Solutions, ThermaXX, VMDO and Water Management.

The Council on Women in Energy & Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) provides a network for women in the energy and environmental industries that can assist in supporting career development for professional women, mentor young and aspiring women to pursue technical education and careers in the energy and environmental fields, and establish CWEEL as a forum for women to promote policy in the energy industry. CWEEL is a division of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)