EEMI Successfully Kicks Off Online Professional Development Program

Students Taking a face-to-face Pilot Version of EV Professional Development Course
Students Taking a face-to-face Pilot Version of EV Professional Development Course
June 13, 2019

During February and March 2019, the EEMI Professional Development Program added its first entirely online course to its short course lineup. The course, entitled “On the Road to Mass Market Electric Vehicles,” was taught by Professor Julian Bentley to 51 practicing professionals, following a face-to-face pilot version of the short course that was taught by Professor Bentley in the Science and Engineering Hall on February 13-14, 2019.

In the course, students learned about the types of electric vehicles, the market and factors driving market growth, barriers to growth and how the market may overcome potential barriers, EV charging structures and charging station deployment. The course consisted of twenty-three 30-minute videos organized into three modules plus three interactive webinars, one after each module, to answer student questions and address additional topics. 

Course modules included the following:

  • Overview of Transportation Sustainability
  • Overview of Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Benefits
  • Electric Vehicle Challenges
  • Costs for Electric Vehicles
  • Operating Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Batteries
  • Current Electric Vehicle Market
  • Market Segmentation
  • Electric Vehicle Market Drivers
  • Forecasts for Electric Vehicle Adoption
  • Policies and Regulations
  • Consumer Incentives
  • Consumer Attitudes
  • Autonomous Vehicles and EVs
  • Overview of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Current U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Future of Public U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Implementation Planning/Design
  • Charging Infrastructure Implementation
  • Electric Vehicle Impacts on the Grid
  • Business Models for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

ev slide

EV Slide charging types

The course drew rave reviews from the 51 students on their post-course evaluations. Here are a few sample comments:

  • "The course gave me better knowledge to perform a technical, business and policy analysis for Electric Vehicle adoption.” - US Department of Energy
  • "The sound technical knowledge and experience of the lecturer guided me through the components, technology, factors, drivers and forecasts of the EV market.” - The World Bank
  • "During the course I gained a comprehensive overview of the EV market. The presentations were very informative, and used unique data sources." - Environmental Protection Agency
  • "The lecturer did an excellent job: I now fully understand costing and the pros & cons of developing EV charging stations." - Verizon

Professor Bentley has more than 20 years of experience providing energy and environmental management consulting services to the federal government, including DoD fuel management, DoD operational energy initiatives, federal fleet management, energy policy, strategic planning, utility procurement policy, and cost-benefit analyses.

Additional courses presently are being developed under the leadership of EEMI’s Director of Professional Education Dr. Edward Saltzberg for presentation on face-to-face and online formats. These courses are intended to help business and technical professionals refine their skills and knowledge and help to advance their careers. Students receive EEMI certificates of completion and documentation for continuing education credits. The courses are designed for consultants, educators, corporate advisors and decision makers, engineers, architects and marketing professionals to learn the fundamentals of renewable energy technologies and energy markets and market trends.