Master of Science Degree

The program of study for the Master of Science degree in Environmental and Energy Management includes the following course requirements. (A description of the following courses may be found on GW's University Bulletin.)

EMSE Common Course Requirements (4):

  • EMSE 6001 The Management of Technical Organizations

  • EMSE 6020 Elements of Problem Solving and Decision Making for Managers

  • EMSE 6410 Survey of Finance and Engineering Economics

  • EMSE 6801 Systems Engineering I

E&EM Concentration Course Requirements (4):

E&EM Program Electives (4 for non-thesis option or 2 for thesis option):

  • EMSE 6200 Policy Factors in Environmental and Energy Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6230 Hazardous Waste Management and Cleanup (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6240 Environmental Hazard Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6245 Analytical Tools for Environmental Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6285 Analytical Tools for Energy Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6290 Climate Change: Policy, Impacts, and Response  (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6291 Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reporting (online only - sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6292 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation (online only - sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6293 Greenhouse Gas Management Assurance and Information Systems Design (online only - sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6295 Environmental Security (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6996 Beyond Compliance: Next Generation Environmental Self-Governance (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6992 Global Connections: Standards in Technology, Business & Public Policy (sample syllabus)

Please visit the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) for degree requirements and graduate admissions information.